Gareth Frew

Clinical Leader

Mobile MMS Pharmacist

I was raised on a farm near Darfield before moving to Dunedin to study pharmacy. Following my studies I moved to Christchurch and started an internship at Christchurch Public Hospital. On completion of my internship I took up a role as a pharmacist at The Princess Margaret Hospital and then moved into community pharmacy.

For the last three years I have worked for CCPG as a Mobile MMS pharmacist. A year ago I took on the position of Pharmacy Advisor to the Canterbury Primary Response Group (CPRG), and regularly attend the “Flu Group” meetings. In August I took on the role of CCPG Clinical Leader and am enjoying this new challenge and opportunity for growth.

Five years ago I traded the mountains for the sea and now enjoy opening the front door and walking across the road with my wife for surf whenever possible. The mountains and rural Canterbury still have a place in my heart and I still enjoy the occasional snowboarding mission to the club fields in the Craigieburn range.


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